Emily Harris Mecham here. I was born and raised in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains, and flowers have captivated me since I was a little girl. Perhaps this is because of my Dutch ancestry, since the Netherlands is the flower capital of the world. Or it could be because of my Scandinavian heritage, since no hygge is complete in my apartment without a touch of floral and plants. When I was in college I was inspired by a lecture I attended by Chris Giftos, the head floral designer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a floral spark was born. And I have been flowering ever since. My career in blooms has taken me from my roots in Utah, to southern California, and now to New York City.  I’ve had the privilege of designing alongside some of the most talented designers all along the way. 

I worked for leading New York floral boutique Ovando as head buyer and concept designer (ask me about the time I had to source 26,000 red roses in two days!), and now freelance at incredible companies and cutting-edge creators such as Renny & Reed, & East Olivia. I can also be found teaching floral classes at Scott’s Flowers in Bryant Park, at private events. As much as I love setting up for a big impressive event, there is no place quite like home for beautiful flowers. This blog is filled with tips and tricks to inspire you to bring flowers into your home more often, try your hand at designing, and overall appreciate the incredible world of flowers.