How to Decorate a Tree with Ribbon 3 Ways

Three Ways to Decorate a tree with Ribbon

I love the holidays and I love decorating for the holidays. When decorating a Christmas tree I like to use different elements and textures. And I especially love to use ribbon. It’s nice and soft, a great contrast to the the texture of tree itself. But where to start? How to place ribbon on the Christmas tree? This guide will show you how to decorate a tree with ribbon 3 different ways.

Number 1: Bows Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Bows are the perfect addition to any tree! They add softness and texture, and you can scale them up or down depending on the size of your tree. A great feature! And it is really easy to store year after year as well. So many reasons to add ribbon to your Christmas tree.

Believe it or not, there are many styles of bows. Hopefully, you can find one you like if you’d like to add bows to your tree.

In the picture below we have a traditional two loop bow without any tails. The velvet ribbon is so rich and the brightness of the red really pops against the green backdrop of the tree. Love this tree with these petite little bows!

Here’s a close up of the velvet bows without any tails nestled into the tree.

How to ribbon a Christmas tree? With Bows!

Next up we have a four loop bow with tails. This is perfect for an outdoor tree. Lots of impact without a ton of decor. The trees in the picture below have red and silver four loop bows with tails.

Visually, it’s better to nestle them into the tree a bit more so that they weight of the bow doesn’t look as precarious on the ends of the branches. Here, I wish they would have tucked them a bit more into the tree to engage the two elements together.

But although several of the bows look like they are sitting right on the tip of the branch, overall these simple outdoor trees, decorated with just a few ball ornaments and some red and silver bows are lovely.

Number 2: Circle the Ribbon around the tree!

This is a classic way to add ribbon to your tree, and is most the most popular way to do so. Another great thing about adding ribbon to your tree is the impact. Just a couple of rolls of ribbon and you really make a statement.

Tip #1 for adding ribbon around the tree:

Don’t add the Ribbon straight across! The ribbon visually draws our eye to the entire tree if the ribbon is added at an angle.

Tip #2 for adding ribbon around the tree:

Again! Don’t have the ribbon sit on the very edge of the tree. Engage the two elements together by tucking the ribbon into the tree. This will add dimension to your tree as you see the ribbon come in and out of the tree. Below are two examples. The first picture could use some help, and the second one perfectly executes engaging the ribbon throughout the Christmas Tree.

Example #1: This Tree could use some finness

The ribbon and toile in the picture below look as if they are being wrapped around the very outside of the tree and are laid straight across. This combination ends up looking a bit amateur.

Example #2: This Tree is expertly ribboned

This is a perfect example of the ribbon tucked beautifully into the tree… It comes in and out and really marries the two elements together.

Number 3: Cascade down the tree!

This is my favorite way to decorate a tree with ribbon. Perhaps it is because I feel like it is a bit more sophisticated than its previous options (bows or circling the tree)

Tips for Cascading Ribbon down the Christmas Tree:

Tip #1: Start at the top of the tree

As you start your ribbon from the top of the tree and cascade down, it will naturally draw your eye down the entire tree. With the ribbon as a cue, it will direct your eyes where to look first, and then what direction to follow.

Tip #2: Engage the Tree

Engage the Christmas Tree and Ribbon. I know I mentioned this before, but it is so critical in the execution of adding ribbon to the tree. Make sure that you add dimension to the Christmas tree by tucking it in and out of the tree.

Tip #3: Let Ribbon Cascade Organically

Let the ribbon cascade a bit organically. We don’t want any straight lines here. Let it feel natural, as if it is a river flowing down your tree. Both photos below show a beautifully ribboned tree with ribbon cascading down it organically and engaged with the tree.

Below is my Christmas Tree. I love it so much. It’s decorated pretty simply, mostly red with a touch of gold. And I love the lines that the cascading ribbon gives my tree. It truly is my favorite thing to sit here and stare at this gorgeous tree during the holiday season.

Hope you enjoyed this little crash course on How to decorate a tree with ribbon 3 ways. Have your self a Merry little Christmas and happy decorating!



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