How to Arrange Dried Flowers

Pink Purple Dried Flower Arrangement in Window Light

Pink Purple Dried Flower Arrangement in Window Light

How to Arrange Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are definitely having a moment right now. Chances are that you’ve seen them pop up on your social feeds, in magazines, weddings, etc. Dried flowers are not the same as they used to be, they are cooler and definitely more hip. And the ways that they are being used are really getting me excited. This post we will discuss some basics and talk about how to arrange dried flowers.

Dried Flowers vs Real flowers

First let’s define what dried flowers are vs real flowers. Dried flowers are little beauties that were once were alive, but were cut, and went through a process to become preserved, aka to last forever. In speaking about ‘real’ flowers, I’m referring to fresh-cut flowers. These delicate stems need water to survive once they are cut! If we are going to be comprehensive here, I should quickly acknowledge the third category… fake flowers (aka: faux or silk flowers). But back to the topic at hand….

The battle of dried flowers vs real flowers. I get asked a lot about my opinion about this. And quite honestly, it really depends on what you want! What are you going to use them for, and how long do you want them to last? If you are looking for something that will last forever, dried flowers are for you! They are extremely low maintenance. If however, you are a little bit more hands-on and variety is the spice of your life, fresh-cut flowers are for you!

Benefits to Dried Flowers vs Fresh Flowers

Dried flowers last forever! And are NO maintenance! Mic drop. Haha!

Dried flowers are popular again!

Dried flowers are cool again! And the best part is, these are not the same dried flowers that your grandmother used to arrange with. The colors are fresh and a variety of flowers and elements are available, trendy, and so great! I double dare you not to be swooned by these new fresh and colorful versions. Check out my tutorial below on some quick tips on how to arrange dried flowers. But most importantly, have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy designing friends!



Yield: 1 Everlasting Arrangement

DIY Flower Arranging: Dried Flower Edition

DIY Flower Arranging: Dried Flower Edition

These are NOT your grandmother's dried flowers! Haha! And this little stunner is so easy to make! This casual wildflower vibe vase filled with dyed and dried flowers will look amazing anywhere in your home. Personally, this little beauty is going to make a lovely addition to my living room shelves. Can't wait! The best part of this? Dyed and dried flowers are trending and are popping up everywhere in stores near you. This design is easy to achieve and I can't wait to see your gorgeous version!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $30 or under


  • Vase
  • Dyed & Dried Mixed Bouquet
  • Scissors


  • Scissors


  1. Unwrap mixed bouquet of dyed and dried flowers
  2. Separate the flowers into piles by types and colors
  3. Establish the height and width of the arrangement, by placing the tallest and widest flowers in the vase first
  4. Adjust height as necessary. *Remember, you can always trim a bit more, but it's much harder to add additional stem length back! haha:)
  5. Add 'layers'. Think of it like decorating cake. Start visually the heaviest flowers, and work your way to the visually lighter flowers.
  6. As you add more flowers, consider adding clusters or groupings to show off a particular flower or color. *this also helps your arrangement to look more sophisticated and less 'polka dot' styled
  7. Your arrangement is complete! Well done!


*The flowers shown in this video can easily be replaced with other types of dried flowers. Just remember that to achieve this look you will want a variety of textures and sizes. Can't wait to see your version! xx Emily

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