Simple Flower Designs Don’t have to be boring

Flowers are beautiful, and so you don’t have to overcomplicate or overthink arranging them. Although we live in an Instagram world, a flower arrangement doesn’t have to be big (or expensive) to have an impact or be post worthy. In fact, simple flower designs don’t have to be boring. Boring is optional.

Simple Flower Arrangements can be Dynamic

Dahlias & Explosion Grass Arrangement, photo by Flowers with Emily
Dahlias & Explosion Grass Arrangement, photo by Flowers with Emily

Here we have just two elements in this vase, dahlias & explosion grass. Although it seems simple, the element of this arrangement that takes the simplicity to dynamic is the movement of the dahlias. The buds and dahlia bloom reaching out to the right carry the arrangement to the other side of the frame.

Simple Flower Designs can be Dramatic

Tall branches immediately lend themselves to the drama department. As you see here, just three elegant peony blooms are paired with some fall colored pear branches. That’s all. Using an antique pitcher instead of a vase completes this dramatic piece.

Simple Flower Centerpieces can have Impact

Red velvet coxcomb in clear and black vases
Strike a pose, this red velvet coxcomb steals the show

The color choices in this arrangement are so bold and striking. The red velvet coxcomb pops against a backdrop of monochromatic grays and black. Placing one flower in a vase is hardly complicated, and yet this simple flower arrangement really packs a punch.

Simple Flower Arrangements a Perfect Addition

Bouquet of Dahlias, photo by Flowers with Emily

Here the gorgeous pink tulips are the perfect addition to this cozy little scene. Consider the placement of blooms, as this will help you to envision the perfect arrangement. Here just a touch of tulips is the perfect addition to this corner.

Simple Flower Designs can be Simple

Monochromatic Greens in clear glass bud vases
Striking in its simplicity a variation on green

The ingredients to create this striking yet simple arrangement is just four elements. Three bud vases, a couple stems of millet, 3 stems of bush ivy, and 4 stems of poppy pods. A variety of textures, vases, and heights add to the balance of this lovely yet simple centerpiece.

Simple flower designs can be many things, dramatic, dynamic, pack a punch, a perfect addition, and simple. But they should never be boring! The beauty of a simple centerpiece lies not only in the beautiful flowers themselves, but also in the simplicity of the arrangement as well. Cheers to simple flower design!

Happy designing!



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